Kick start your own advertising agency

Kick start your own advertising agency

Just a Little workshop I designed and delivered to help some of my college juniors and budding entrepreneurs.

Title of the Workshop: Ad Entrepreneur

Duration of the workshop: I generally prefer this to be a 3 days workshop, but I delivered it in 2 day a few days  ago and it was a pretty successful workshop. Participants like to carry on the discussions with me on other social forums. 🙂

How should enroll: This workshop can be helpful to anybody wanting to start their own advertising agency or any related business and also to people who just want to know the absolute details about the advertising business.

It is especially very good got MBA’s, Mass Communication grads and other design grads (BFAs etc) who aspire to take an entrepreneurial leap of faith.

Entrepreneurship cells of many colleges already digg this workshop.

Related Industries: Advertising (creative services), Media Agencies, Event Management and Activation, Brand Consultancy

Workshop Description: My personal opinion and experience says that “Advertising Business” is not only about the studio works. The name only suggests that is after all a business.

Facing and handling the challenges of the business aspects of advertising world can be a nightmare if you are not well prepared. Statistics say 95% of the startup shut their business in the 1 year, 4% in the next 5 years. Only 1% of the business succeed beyond that.

There is only one problem if you are even ready to prepare yourself for the challenge – Book don’t tell you what actual industry people have learnt with years of experience.

This workshop is your chance to well equip and acclimatizes yourself with all the things you need to know a start your own advertising agency from scratch.

Workshop Outline:

1. Introduction

Self Assessment
Meeting People
Market Research and Data Gathering

2. Structure of an Advertising Agency

Types of Advertising agencies – a comparative analysis
Different Services offered by Agencies

3. Establishing business

Different Models of Business entities in India
Process of Registration
Defining you startup
Determining the target market
Determining the type of agency
Determining the size of the agency
Establishing you business site
Home Based Business
Leasing the studio space
The Studio environment
Type of lease agreements

4. Financial Planning and Management

Financing you venture
Personal Saving
Financial institutions
Family and friends
Financial Management
Forecasting cash flow
Fixed expenses and overheads
Marketing Cost
Startup cost

5. Getting the Business

Cold calling
Replying to RFP
Pitch Process
Presentation Skills

6. Pricing your Services

Who do agencies get paid?
Advertising Services
Media Services
Social Services
Other Services
Hourly Fee
Retainer Model
Onetime fee
Fix Fee

7. Advertising and Marketing you agency and services

Name game
Personal Brand Building
Social Presence

8. Client and Supplier Contract

Onetime job agreement
Retainer Agreement
Media Buying Agreement
Vendor Tie up and contract
General Laws, Getting Registered – AAAI

9. CRM

Account Planning
Client Servicing

10. Business Resources

Software used in the industry

11. Order in Operations

Keeping track
Time management
Social functions
Invoicing and taxation

12. Employees and people

People and Profiles
Hiring the right people

13. Developing your portfolio

14. How to make it big?

Venture Capitalist
Creative Innovations
Awards and Recognition

15. Case Studys

16. General Challenges and possible solutions

To book your place in my next workshop or to request this workshop in your college / institute email me at [email protected] or leave a comment bellow.

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